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R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk
A Hip-Hop and R&B producer, RTB hails from south-east England. An 'emerging talent' early on, seven years in a church choir provided his first taste of performance art. Now, the likes of Andy Mineo, Childish Gambino, Loyle Carner and Montell Fish inspire fusions not only unique, but embodying, astutely, the human soul. From mashups and live performances, he’s on a mission of love, sharing the good, bad and ugly, and, guided by friends, family and God, remains dedicated to uplifting and enriching us all through the power of music.
R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk
A drummer since an early age, Chaise continued his journey in music by pursuing a degree in Creative Music Technologies at Kingston University. From this Chaise went on to produce several music projects and mixed and mastered 2 albums for local bands. Chaise’s proficiencies include: Drums, Mixing, and Production in an array of genre’s such as Electronic, Hip-Hop, Funk & Neo-Soul
Metal/Rock, Downtempo, Hip Hop
After 6 years of experience, Chris is adept at working in both live audio/visual events and studio recording environments. He offers a friendly and professional approach to your audible requirements, excelling in various areas. These include (but are not limited to) vocal and instrument recordings, mixing, session musician work, composition, and live sound engineering.
R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, Commercial
Following a background as a vocalist and topliner, Leo embarked on his journey as a music producer and audio engineer. After deciding to pursue a university degree in Creative Music Technologies, he furthered his studies in California. There, he produced his debut album at 21 and wrote, produced, and mixed projects for local Hip-hop collectives. Leo has since gained proficiency working in Soho Sonic as an engineer and songwriter, working in sessions with signed and unsigned artists from a diversity of genres. His strengths include R&B, Soul, Latin, Gospel, and Hip-Hop.
R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk
Michael is an Engineer, Producer, Mixer, and songwriter based in London and Midlands areas.A lifetime of chasing and loving music has led Michael to acquire competent and evolving skills which provide a service to bring out the best in any song brought to his attention.Currently attending Kingston University, Michael is gifted with a broad range of experience in producing music, shadowing the great Tony Visconti as well as being on call for engineering for any client that comes through. These experiences allow him to realize what a song would need sonically and creatively to take an acoustic demo to its full potential Michael is also a gifted songwriter and instrumentalist who provides the service of a creative consultant and can suggest arrangements and parts to what the creative team believes is required.
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