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IAMRTB is a cross-genre Alt-R&B artist/producer, residing in South East England, with heritage from Sierra Leone. Following a childhood filled with music, RTB finally committed his future to the arts in 2015, after switching from a Mechanical Engineering to Creative Music Technologies undergraduate degree at Kingston University, graduating in 2019 with an Upper Second Class. The artist spent the next 3 years developing as a musician, releasing rough tracks on SoundCloud before finally releasing music through DistroKid in 2019.
“The new single from indie R&B artist, IAMRTB, entitled ‘Catch Up’, is like being caught in a daydream and catching a wave on some chill background music. The vocals are vibey and lofi but have a great framework to them against a rosey production choice to make the track enticing but lowkey and enjoyable.”

-Sensei’s Music Blog
Since rebranding in March of 2021, IAMRTB has amassed over 245,000 streams across 29 tracks on Spotify alone and thousands of streams on Apple Music, YouTube and other streaming services. Following the release of his first major project, ‘RETRO EP’ in July of 2022, IAMRTB has seen increased listenership and a jump in streams, to the point that the artist maintains at least 1,000 monthly listeners even when not actively engaging with social media. These successes are primarily due to lots of research and execution, as RTB sought to balance composing, producing and recording his music, while simultaneously releasing, filming and editing music videos, and promoting said music through social media and Facebook ads. As well as streaming success, IAMRTB has been played on the regional radio stations BBC Kent, and Brighton-Based Platform B over 20 times. RTB has also been featured on 2 international blogs in Brazil and the United States. Through forming connections with other musicians and creators, RTB has inadvertently laid the base for his audience of over 3000 fans (across various platforms).
After a year away from the stage, IAMRTB performed at Chidimma’s EP Launch Party in April 2024 at the Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch. This show added to his previous performances at the Elusive Festival in August of 2022, supporting fellow Kent musician “Dux'', and a full set at the Yaa Center for Jonathan Ashenafi’s headline show in November. 
Leading up to the release of his second major project, ‘voxboxx.ii’, RTB shares the good, the bad and the very ugly parts of life and love, but guided by his friends, family and his God, he remains focused on making uplifting and enriching music for everybody to enjoy. Do not attempt to put RTB in a box, because you simply won’t find one that fits- you’ve been warned.

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