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RTB is a cross-genre Hip-Hop and R&B artist-producer, residing in South-East England, with a heritage from Sierra Leone. RTB has gone on to carve his own authentic lane, being influenced by other artists ranging from Andy Mineo and Childish Gambino to Loyle Carner and Saba. His fusions are unique, and his keen lyricism embodies the human soul with such a pertinent yet unashamed force. From his early mashups and performances to the well-trained musical genius RTB is today, he remains undeterred, knowing this is his way of adding value to this world. He’s on a mission of love, to help those who feel vulnerable, anxious and flawed- just like him.

Since rebranding in March of 2021, IAMRTB has amassed over 225,000 streams across 26 tracks on Spotify alone, releasing his first major project in June of 2022, titled 'RETRO EP'. Through his music, RTB shares the good, the bad and the very ugly sides of life, but guided by his friends, family and God, he remains focused on creating uplifting, enriching music for everybody to enjoy. Do not attempt to put RTB in a box, because you simply won’t find one that fits- you’ve been warned.
BIO (<100 words)
RTB is a cross-genre Hip-Hop/R&B artist-producer, residing in South East England, with a heritage from Sierra Leone. A talent from early on, seven years in a church choir provided his first taste of performance art. Inspired by other artists, IAMRTB creates unique fusions that, via a keen pen, embody the human soul. Following the release of his first major project, ‘RETRO EP’, RTB is on a mission of love, sharing the good, bad and ugly aspects of life. Guided by friends, family and God, RTB remains dedicated to uplifting and enriching us all through the power of music.
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